Welcome to my blog!  I’m Karen Sands-O’Connor, a professor of children’s literature and a mom in a multiracial family.  In both these parts of my life, I’ve found that children’s books often have the capacity to talk about race in ways that we don’t–or can’t–talk about it anywhere else.  This blog will focus on some of the books, people, and ideas that help or hinder children from talking about race, and why the discussion is crucial to all of us.

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  1. girlwhotookforever

    Hi Karen, we also are a multi-colour family: white, vanilla and brown! My wife (who is Guyanese) and I (English) wrote a children’s book in Creole about an old lady detective. It’s designed to entertain and teach children about traditional values and other ways of speaking English. If you’d like a copy just contact me at joshua-abraham@mail.com. I see you have a Benjamin Zephaniah book up there. I am old enough to remember when he used to do poetry on BBC television…!

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  2. Katy

    What a wonderful blog. I’m so glad I found it after much fruitless searching for a wider range of books to inform myself, my children and my work in a museum. Thank you!



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